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Welcome to Cushman Engineering, Inc.

Cushman Engineering specializes in custom equipment design and manufacture for precision urethane foam production.

Cushman Engineering Nozzles

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Engineering Excellence Since 1976

Cushman Engineering, Inc. specializes in custom equipment design and manufacture for precision urethane foam production.

In addition to the urethane foam industry’s best injection nozzles and related precision urethane foam production equipment: Cushman Engineering, Inc. has over thirty-seven years’ experience in custom manufacturing machinery design. Providing rapid response to customer needs, Cushman Engineering, Inc. has a track record of quick, effective solutions for specific customer problems related to Mechanical Systems, Fluid Systems and Process Control.

Custom Engineering and Design

A Specialty of Cushman Engineering, Inc. is providing on site evaluation of your manufacturing process and designing equipment to meet your specific needs. If you have an in-house machine shop we will provide the design documentation and work with them to assure the final equipment.


Production problems cost money and result in wasted material, wasted time and unhappy customers when you can’t meet production schedules! Process trouble shooting is a forte of Cushman Engineering, Inc.


We have the ability to make your ideas a reality on the process floor. Cushman Engineering can design custom specialty machinery to fit your manufacturing needs.

Machine Fabrication

If you don’t have an in-house machine shop, Cushman Engineering can provide rapid response to your Machine Fabrication needs.

Design Documentation

A full AutoCAD documentation package accompanies each of our custom machinery designs.
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