We make the industry standard injection nozzles; a seal-less high pressure isocyantate metering pump specifically designed for safe, accurate and repeatable delivery of Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI); and custom foam machine mixing equipment that permits precise process control throughout the foaming run. Our designs include unique solutions to enable remote nozzle or mix chamber pressure adjustment even during a foaming run. Remote adjustment capabilities can dramatically decrease material waste and reduce employee’s risk of exposure to isocyanate vapors.

All our nozzles are pressure adjustable. T-handle adjustable nozzles may be changed at any time, even during a foam pour. Cushman Engineering strives to assure customers get nozzles that fit precisely into their mixheads. Do you have a corrosive material to inject into your foaming process? Cushman Engineering will work with you to match needs with compatible materials. Cushman Engineering provides quality built, precision equipment designed to last for years in a production environment. To assure exacting process control throughout the life of the equipment, proper maintenance is essential.

Foam Machine Mixing Equipment

Custom built to meet your specific needs using proven designs adapted to your equipment and process. This custom equipment allows optimization of existing equipment. All products on this site are in use by our customers, performing as designed, under rigorous conditions. In fact, one of our customers had this to say about his custom mixer: “Everything is running great, no banding or feathering! The shaft seals are operating well with no lubricant consumption so far. The mixer has no vibration and is very, very quiet. We have also been able to cut the catalyst level about 10% just as you suggested. Thank you for a very impressive job.”

Is custom work worth the cost? Look at the cost of underperforming equipment. Defective, underperforming equipment can cause the loss of raw materials and manufacturing time as well as higher waste disposal costs. Chemical costs alone exceed $1,000/minute during foaming operations on a Maxfoam size plant: not to mention overtime costs to rerun lost product.

Contact Cushman Engineering to discuss your equipment requirements. We will quickly provide a quote for customization of our products to fit your equipment needs.


Cushman Engineering’s nozzles and accessories are designed to be the industry’s best solution for urethane foam manufacturing. These nozzles and remote nozzle control equipment set the bar for quality, precision equipment. Nozzles are designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning. Nozzles are available to fit a variety of port geometries. Contact Cushman Engineering to discuss your exact needs when requesting a quotation.